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Testing the Stromer ST2 at the NYC Green Expo

Over at NYCeWheels, we had a question: what happens when you take the Stromer ST2s to the Green Expo and offer test rides to people who have never seen an electric bike before? The past week, we partnered with Stromer to exhibit the new Stromer ST2, the most impressive electric bike on the market. We wanted…

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Lifehack: How to Cycle Longer and More Often

If you already own an electric bike, you’ve probably realized that you put in way more miles on your ride than you would on a regular bicycle. But a new study at the Institute of Transport Economics confirms that electric bikes owners take their bikes out almost 50% more often than those without. According to the study…

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The E-TWOW Booster Scooter: Around Town & Racing The Car

By: Mike from DIYBIKING.COM       Like the folding bikes I’ve reviewed for NYCeWheels, the E-Twow Booster Scooter isn’t exactly meant to be locked to a parking meter or signpost. It’s built to be folded and carried wherever it is you’re going, so I’ve bringing the scooter into my everyday errands to find out…

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NOV Designs: Taking your Brompton to the Next Level

Bromptons are, hands down, the kings of the ultra-portable folding bicycle. But what if you want to make your Brompton even better? NOV Designs is the most comprehensive suite of Brompton part modifications on the market. From chain tensioners to easy wheels, NOV has designed upgraded parts like hinge clamps, pedal holders, and seat clamps to…

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Tern Verge x10 2015 Folding Bicycle

Tern in 2015: The Tern Verge x10

Tern is taking 2015 seriously – these models are built from the ground up to accentuate sleekness, speed, and sex appeal. The Tern Verge x10 is the standout model of the 2015 line, and for good reason. It’s lighter, weighing in at 21.2 lbs, with an integrated chain retainer to prevent the chain from popping off….

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The E-TWOW: Your Last Mile Problem is Solved

by: Mike from DIYBIKING.COM With an extraordinary amount of reluctance, I finally returned the speedy Stromer ST1 electric assist bike I borrowed from NYCE wheels. And with an equal amount of regret, I am unable to make their Stromer ST2 launch party this weekend (details here). But I was still able to leave their shop…

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