If a cyclist falls off an electric assist Brompton and nobody sees it, is it still humiliating?

That was the question I was asking myself the Sunday morning I set off to test the NYCeWheels eBrompton properly.

Electric Brompton Bike

Up to that point I had only ridden it from 84th and York to Grand Central Terminal which wasn’t enough time to really get a feel for the electric assist system they developed (and installed) themselves. Even though I would not fall off the bike I did consider it a possibility as I’ve never ridden an electric assist bike before – and I was setting out to see just how fast one could go on one.

The Electric Brompton uses a reliable lithium battery

Before I could do that, I needed to charge it. The battery, which can’t be overcharged, needs about five or six hours for the little light on the charger to change from red to green. At just under half the size of an average shoebox, the charger is a bit bulky but isn’t very heavy and can easily fit in the handlebar bag if you need to take it with you.

Electric Brompton Bike

The charge time also means that one can potentially get a lot of miles out bike as the battery can be plugged into the charger at the office by nine and ready to go again at five. And don’t forget: it’s a Brompton, so that means it’ll fit under most desks incredibly easily.

Front wheel drive

Because the motor is inside the front wheel (and not woven into the existing drivetrain) you can pedal the brompton bike normally. And in spite of the weight the NYCeWheels system adds, the balance of the bike (I have ridden non-electrified Bromptons before) feels good when riding. The newest version of the NYCeWheels’ eBrompton weighs in at about 42 pounds altogether and provides minimal rolling resistance when the system is off.

Electric Brompton Bike ride

But what you want to hear about in this post is what the system is like when it’s on, and NYCeWheels kept it simple: hook up the battery, push the ‘on’ button and push the variable-speed throttle lever; conveniently located just near your right thumb.

Electric Brompton Bike Console

You can also adjust the speed of the system by pushing a little button to select low, medium, or high. ‘High’ speed was what I was the most interested in, but with great power comes great responsibilities – and, obviously, shorter battery life.

The Ride

Electric Brompton Bike ride

At an empty corporate park on this Sunday morning, I sped from one end to the other with my personal bike GPS on the handlebars. It goes without saying that your results may vary: Speaking as a 168-pound guy who had a big breakfast and wore non-aerodynamic clothing, I managed (without pedaling) about 10 miles an hour on low speed, 14 miles an hour on medium, and flirted with 20 miles an hour on high. After making those runs, I rode – both pedaling and without pedaling – aimlessly around the pothole-speckled roads of Stamford. The electric assist system did not let me down.

Electric Brompton Bike

Now I know I have no other electric bikes to compare this to, but this one gets good marks: when starting at full throttle, the speed is built up proportionally and feels natural. It’s fast enough to make owning a folding electric bike worth it but light enough to not need a spotter when carrying it into a doorway. It has the quality of a Brompton because it is a Brompton. And the E-Brompton handles beautifully.

Now it’s time for a series of real life tests: the eBrompton Around Town.


Mike Norris


The New EcoReco M5: Ride with comfort!

by Jack on September 13, 2014

The new EcoReco M5s have arrived!! These new electric scooters have all the great features of the previous model, but now come with rear suspension as well as front suspension, making the ride feel extremely different!!

Let’s take a closer look!

EcoReco A5 comfortable electric scooterAs you can see the M5 has the same slick look as its predecessor with its black finish, slim deck, tough rubber tires and adjustable handlebars. But there are a few key differences!

EcoReco Electric Scooter suspensionIn addition to the spring shocks on the front wheel, the new EcoReco M5 is built with rear suspension as well! See the round nub that rises above the rear wheel? This is where most riders rest their heel when scooting. The new EcoReco M5s have suspension centered beneath this nub. Just lean back and you’ll feel the back of the deck lower into itself as the suspension compresses. The result is a much smoother and more comfortable ride.

EcoReco A5 A comfortable Electric Scooter The EcoReco M5 also features some new detailing. The rear rim, suspension buffer, and front shock come in a bright red that nicely contrasts the matte black of the frame. Looks pretty slick.

EcoReco Front Shocks Even with the new suspension and new detailing, the EcoReco M5 still has all the great features of the original EcoReco M3. It is lighter than many electric scooters on the market weighing just 34 lbs, can go 20 miles on a charge, and can reach up to 20 miles per hour with its 250w DC brushless motor. It also folds down to a nice compact size for storage and easy transportation.

Below is Peter giving one of his patented step by step demonstrations:

First pull back spring loaded sleeves located at the base of each grip and fold the handlebars inwards. The upper handlebar can then be pushed down into the lower handlebar telescopically by pushing in a quick release button:

EcoReco folding electric scooterNext, pull back the safety catch lever located where the lower handlebar meets the deck, push a quick release button and fold the handlebars down towards the frame!

Peter folding ecoreco The handlebars will automatically lock into place and you’re good to go! Just pick up your electric scooter and head off on your day!

Peter with the EcoReco Electric ScooterThe new EcoReco M5s are compact, fast, easy to use, and now more comfortable than ever! Now in stock and ready to order, get your own EcoReco M5 Electric Scooter today!!!


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Today we were excited to un-box our first ever BionX D500 conversion kit! The D series, the latest in BionX technology, features a much larger and thinner 500 watt motor, capable of much more power and speed than ever before!!! Here’s Peter opening up the first kit!!!

BionX D500 Next-Gen Conversion Kit

Inside the box you’ll find everything you would need to convert your bike into a powerful electric machine: the motor, already built into the wheel, a powerful lithium ion battery which can mount directly onto your down-tube or attach via a rear rack, a console which will mount to your handlebars, the controller, and the wiring to allow all these parts to talk to each other!!!

BionX D series

As you can see the new D series motor has a much wider diameter than previous BionX motors. This larger diameter allows the magnets inside the motor to be farther away from each other, generating more power, just as a longer lever is able to generate more force than a shorter one using the same effort. This means you’ll be able to ride faster without working any harder. At its highest setting, you’ll be able to go 28 miles per hour!!!

It should be noted that the size of these motors makes them incompatible with smaller rim sizes. The new D series will only be compatible with 650b and 700c wheel sizes.

The motor is contained inside a plastic composite shell which is thinner than previous motors and installed inside the spokes. This puts less stress on the motor as it does not have to bear any of the weight of the rider, and also allows for more room for the rear cassette.

BionX D series

The D series will use an extra large 48 volt 17 ah battery re-done with a beautiful black finish. With more voltage and more amp hours you will be able to draw more power for a longer period of time increasing your overall range. On a single charge you should be able to go 50 to 80 miles, and combined with the larger diameter motor you’ll have more torque as well on climbs!!

BionX D series batteries

The D series uses the same bright LCD console capable of displaying distance covered, speed, average speed, and time. The new series will feature a new display mount with two clasps instead of one for an extra secure console.

As with old systems, you will be able to switch between 4 different power modes, and activate regenerative breaking to add a little juice back into your battery! Check out our new video below to learn more about how this great system works:

So there you have it. 28 miles top speed, up to 80 miles on a charge, and just as light weight as the old system, the new BionX D series will revolutionize conversion kit technology and we couldn’t be more excited to have them in stock! Don’t wait! Get your Next-Gen BionX D500 today!

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Newest Brompton Bike Accessories!

by Jack on August 21, 2014

Every so often, it’s good to take stock: do you have all the necessary fixings on your brompton folding bike? When you ride to the grocery store do you have enough space for vegetables and produce or is it a protein only experience? When you bike at night do you go unnoticed in the rear-view of unsuspecting drivers, or is your bike visible from low orbiting satellites, lit from all sides like a mobile Christmas tree?

Let’s take a look at some of our best and newest Brompton bike accessories!

Brompton Bags!

The Mini-O bags have long been a favorite for Brompton riders. This is the perfect bag for commuters, completely waterproof, lightweight, large enough to carry your essentials – phone, wallet, beer, e-reader, spectacles etc – but small enough that it doesn’t make a big statement, or throw off the feng shui of your Brompton.

Brompton Mini o

We are now fully stocked with Mini-O bags in more colors than ever before, including black/black, white/black, green/black, and blue/black so don’t wait!!!

If you want something a little roomier with a little more style, we also just got in one of the classiest brompton accessories of all time, the Brompton Game Bag!!! Check out the video below:


Schwalbe Tire Upgrades for Brompton Bikes!

Now for the first time, you can buy replacement Brompton tires right on our website! If you don’t already have them on your brommie, it is a great idea to upgrade to beefy Schwalbe Marathon tires. These are much thicker than the standard tires that come with the Brompton, will last longer, and have great puncture protection.Brompton Marathon tire

For those who are more interested in speed, Schwalbe Kojak Racing tires also make a great Brompton bike accessory. These tires are thinner, lighter, and faster with a high 110 psi pressure limit and a tread-less exterior to reduce resistance and get you blasting down the street at high speeds!

The New LightSKIN Seatpost!

lightskin-seatpost The new LightSKIN seatpost has got to be the coolest accessory ever created for Brompton bikes. This 5 LED light is built right into the seat-post of your brompton bike, completely waterproof, with multiple flashing modes that are so bright there won’t be a car in miles that can’t see you. Powered by two AA batteries the LightSKIN will last for 50 hours of riding! Available as a standard length brompton seatpost or a telescopic drop-in. If there has ever been a “must have” brompton bike accessory this is it.

The LightSKIN seatpost is currently only available for Brompton bikes, but if you have a Tern or Dahon, these Origin 8 Light Bars are top of line and quickly becoming a best seller!


Lastly, it is now possible to take your Brompton bike to the next level by replacing key parts with ultra light titanium!!!!

Now available are titanium hinge clamps:

Brompfication Hinge Clamps

Titanium seat post clamps:

Brompfication Seat ClampA titanium rear frame clip:

Brompfication rear frame clipEven an entire seat post made of light weight titanium which will greatly reduce the weight of your Brompton!

Brompfication TI Seatpost

So there you have it, the newest and the best Brompton accessories in the shop! Check out a game bag, upgrade your tires, light up the streets with a new lightSKIN seatpost, or visit our “Brompfication” section and browse through all the great titanium parts now available!!!!

Until next time,



Brompton bikes on the New York CenturyThis year in support of Transportation Alternatives’ Vision Zero, NYCeWheels will be giving out FREE TICKETS to the NY Century for Brompton riders!!

For those who aren’t familiar, the NY Century is one of the oldest Transportation Alternatives events, created in 1990 to celebrate cycling and advocate for more bike lanes, greenways, and other infrastructure that would make New York a safer more bike friendly city. Attracting around 200 riders on the inaugural ride, the event has grown in popularity over the last 20 years and today it is one of the premier bike events of the year drawing over 6,000 riders!!!!

Brompton on the New York Century

The New York Century is YOUR ride!

Bromptons on the New York Century RideThe New York Century is designed to showcase the diversity if New York’s neighborhoods and show riders how explore the city in a fun and safe way! It is not a race, you can go as slow or fast as you want, and in spite of the name, participants in the Century ride do not have to ride 100 miles, but can pick one of several routes that fits their riding level:

The East River loop, a 35 mile ride exploring historic downtown Brooklyn.

The Waterfront, 55 miles of breathtaking waterside vistas along the Brooklyn Greenway.

The Rockaways, a 75 mile ride exploring Far Rockaway, Queens, and beautiful Fort Tilden Beach.

The Full NY Century which splits from the 75 mile route to explore eastern queens along the waterfront on Little Neck Bay, continuing into the Bronx, and winding down through Northern Manhattan and historic Harlem. Whew!!

Ny Century

The When and the Where!

The New York Century ride is Sunday September 7th.  All attendees will be emailed registration information and will meet at 6:30am at the Century ride registration booth located in the Harlem Meer in Central Park.

Attendees are free to ride which ever route feels most comfortable. The 100 mile ride departs at 6:00am sharp, so you may want to arrive at 5:30am with your regislation materials in hand.  If you want to ride with us, we’ll be following the nice and easy 35 mile route, departing at 7:30am, traveling through historic downtown Brooklyn, around idyllic Prospect Park, through the artistic enclave of Williamsburg and following the East River all the way to Astoria Park in Queens. The ride should finish between 11 am and 3 pm.

Ny Century

If you don’t have a Brompton bike but still want to participate just give us a call and we can reserve a Brompton from our shop for you to use free of charge!

This is going to one of the best events of the year, so don’t miss out!!!! Follow this link and Get your free ticket to the New Century!!!!


The Dahon Formula: How it Folds – and Why

July 12, 2014

When I brought the Dahon Formula S18 home from NYCeWheels on Metro North, I didn’t fold it. I didn’t have to. Since I wasn’t on a peak hour train, it wasn’t necessary. But knowing the role bike restrictions on public transport play in the folding bike industry, I decided that I really should learn how […]

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Fixing a flat on the Brompton Bike!

July 9, 2014

So there you are, pedaling hard at the last stretch of a 20 mile commute home from work – your blood is pumping, your energy is holding strong, and with any luck you’ll beat your best time and make it to your uncle’s annual chile cook off before sun down. And then POW!!!! Two pedals […]

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Tern for the Better: One Last Ride

June 28, 2014

After taking the Tern Node D8 for several get acquainted rides around Stamford, I was ready to bring it to a real-world situation: I was to ride to the Stamford Metro North station, bring it to Manhattan, and ride it back to NYCeWheels. On the train platform, the Tern bicycle got the attention of a […]

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Call this number and help Legalize Electric Bikes!

June 19, 2014

We need your help to drive important legislation that will not unfairly limit the potential of the electric bike industry. All reports indicate that legalizing electric bikes will provide significant revenue for the North American bicycle market, just as it has in all of Europe, as well as providing a clean and efficient transit alternative. […]

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The New BionX S350 DX Cassette Motor Kits!

June 5, 2014

Just last month we received our first shipment of the new BionX S350DX and RX 48V conversion kits. Here they are below, just out of the box, nice and shiny and full of untapped potential. Above is everything you’d need to convert your bike into a powerful electric bike. There on the left is the […]

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