Eric moved to New York City two years ago to pursue an adventure, and he hasn’t slowed down since. Life in the Big Apple moves at a break-neck pace, and between work, study, and play, Eric doesn’t have any time to waste. Naturally, he’s built a speed demon to keep up.

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Blaze Laser Light is one of the slickest bike lights we’ve come across here at NYCeWheels.

Blaze Laser Light

Waterproof, sand-blasted, and diamond cut, these lightweight metal bike lights feel sturdier than some of the bike frames we’ve encountered. The bracket is made with marine-grade steel, so rusting isn’t a concern.



The coolest part of the Blaze Laser Light is its implementation of LEDs and lasers to produce maximum visibility. An ultra-bright LED beams 300 lumens to light your path, while a direct-diode green laser cuts a bicycle insignia 6 feet in front of you to let others on the road know where you are.


Blaze Laser Light


The Blaze Laser Light ships in a fancy black box, equipped with a slick USB charging cord that magnetically connects to the top of the light. Red, orange, and green indicators keep you updated on the charging status .


Blaze Laser Light


Interested in the Blaze Laser Light for your bike? We’re going to be stocking this light on our online shop very soon, so keep an eye out!



If you’re reading this, you probably already know the name “Stromer”.

Stromer ST2 Electric Bike

Stromer’s brand presence is one of the strongest in the industry, and for good reason. Their productions are high-end, sturdy, luxury vehicles. We like to call them the BMW of electric bike manufacturers.

Stromer ST2 Electric Bicycle

We’ve been raving about the Stromer ST2 since we got it in stock. It’s a formidable workhorse with blistering speed — up to 28 MPH!! — and a beautiful, swiss-minimalist design. Slated to come out in Spring 2015, NYCeWheel’s was lucky enough to get an exclusive test model sent to our shop.

 If you’re looking to get a Stromer ST2 of your own, there are a couple things you need to know.

First thing: The Stromer ST2 is not concerned with portability. Sitting solidly at ~60 lbs, the gorgeous aluminum alloy frame houses a massive battery. The handling is top of the line – this bike legitimately rides like a sports car. The ST2 was designed to be a solid and robust electric bicycle, and Stromer accomplished that with finesse.


Stromer ST2 Omni Electric Bike

The Stromer ST2 comes equipped with a high-tech interace called “Omni”, a computer security system that communicates with a freely available Stromer app. Stromer sums up this functionality by saying:

The Stromer App enables you to tune the performance settings of your Stromer. You can also remotely lock and unlock your bike, thereby preventing theft. Should some unwanted person attempt to interfere with the bike, its lights will automatically begin to flashand the motor will go into theft mode, making riding nearly impossible. If the bike is stolen, it can be remotely located through a in-built, intelligent GPS system which interfaces with the smartphone Stromer App.

Very cool. Omni even lets you know when it’s time for a service upgrade, and shows you the closest service technician!


Stromer ST2 Electric Bicycle Review


Lastly, the Stromer ST2 is equal parts bike and motorcycle. It will outpace the cars on the road (almost 30MPH with a push of your pedal is no joke). Most electric bikes cap out at 20-23MPH, and the powerful torque and wattage on this bike – that’s an 800 watt gearless rear hub motor – is impossible to miss.

Hands down, the Stromer ST2 is the most impressive bike we’ve ever ridden. If you’d like to find out more about the technical specs, additional features, or pre-order your own, take a look at our website!

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IF move folding bicycle

The old adage is true: no two folding bikes are built the same. From Bromptons to Dahons to Terns, each model has its own features and quirks that make them tailored to a certain lifestyle.

The IF Move is a bike that is majorly concerned with portability. Pacific Cycles has built it from the ground up to make sure that it rides, folds, and carries effortlessly.

IF Move folding bicycle

The IF Move’s coolest design feature is the way it folds – the pedals kick in, the handlebars fold down, and the frame rotates to create something you can intuitively ‘wheel’ around. It even has a kickstand that pops out when folded!

IF Move folding bicycle

Of course, you could carry this bike just as easily – it’s one of the lightest bikes we have, weighing in at only 25lbs. Still, that can get tiring after a while. The option to easily roll it along side you made my test ride with it much more fun.

IF Move folding bicycle

Handling the bike is a treat – the gears shift with a twist of the grip, offering a seamless experience from start to finish. I found myself climbing steep inclines with ease. 

IF Move folding bicycle

This bike is a wonder. It has a unique and clever fold coupled with a frame that puts all your power right in to the pedals. Check out our video review as well.

Like what you see? Check out the details on our website, and pick one up for yourself.



Stromer ST1 Electric Bike

If you live in a four story walk-up in Greenwich Village do not – I repeat – do not buy a Stromer ST1 under any circumstances.

I’m just throwing that out there.

Here’s the thing: I’ve already ridden and reviewed the electric assist Brompton and Dahon Formula, and these are electric assist folding bikes that brag about their weight and portability. The Stromer ST1 doesn’t fold and, at 62 pounds, is around twenty pounds heavier than either of those aforementioned NYCeWheels bikes.

The fact that it doesn’t fold was an issue out of the gate, because I couldn’t bring it with me on the train if I returned from Manhattan during Metro North peak hours. So I brought it home early one weekday afternoon and was not only able to bring it on the train easily, but I was able to see one of the new and seldom seen Metro North bike racks.

Stromer ST1 Electric Bike

I you eat your Wheaties, you’ll be able to bring the bike up and hook it on the rack. When I did this, I heard no creak and because it is still the relative size of a normal bike it did fit.

While sitting next to it on the train ride back, I got to look at the bike in such a way I was able to understand where all of the weight was coming from. The 500W motor in the rear hub. The 36 volt lithium ion battery stowed in the bottom tube. The rear rack and fenders – all of it gives the bike heft.

Still more weight comes from the unusual and optional seatpost A Cane Creek Thudbuster. I’ve been familiar with these for a while and would write a song about them if I could. Any bike with a hardball aluminum frame (like the Stromer ST1) needs one of these. It just makes a more comfortable ride.

So yes, this is a heavy bike. That can’t be sugarcoated. But then again, you get something for all of this heft. To find out what it is, you have to turn the bike on, select the ‘Power’ mode, and begin pedaling.

Stromer ST1 Electric Bicycle

With the fat Big Ben tires and the solid frame, the bike doesn’t feel like anything other than an electric assist battering ram when riding. Pedaling at a pace that feels like ten miles an hour while the spedometer says you’re going double that is a grin-inducer, to be sure. Not only that, but the bike has regenerative braking that puts power back into the battery when you slow down – which is not a common feature.

I’m going to have to put this bike through some paces – including, but not limited, to a hilly, 20+ mile ride. I’ll let you know how that goes shortly.


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