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Dahon Formula S18

The Dahon Formula S18 is a folding bike built for high speed and performance. Its a great bike for the cyclist who doesn’t have any room for a full size road bike in the apartment, but still wants to get the same feel in a compact bike that is easy to store. It also makes…

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Tern Link D8 – affordable and reliable folding bike

The Tern Link D8 is the most popular folder in the Tern line, it offers a great versatile ride to suit any commuting needs. The Link D8 is both functional, and looks great with its glossy paint finish. It features the classic Tern folding hinges that are strong and make the fold quick and easy. The handlebar height is…

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Brompton Urban Challenge Comes to NYC!

REGISTER HERE Heads up, New York! Brompton Urban Challenge kicks off in 19 days. We’re getting our Nycewheels team together now. How about you? The Brompton Urban Challenge is a city-wide event that will test your skill, creativity and ingenuity through a variety of fun and exciting challenges throughout the streets of New York City….

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Biking the line between wilderness and civilization

Photo c/o of This morning, while I was browsing my favorite bike blogs over a cup of iced coffee and some toast, I found an editorial written by Sarah Tory of on “bikepacking” – traveling with your gear on  bicycles. She describes her experience going fully prepared through a three-day trail on White Rim…

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Who said envy was green?

I hate to start a review by editorializing, but holy hell – this bike is beautiful. This is the Stromer ST1 Limited Edition, a luxury collector’s item-slash-high powered workhorse. With this bike, the term ‘electric bike’ starts to feel like a cop out. This thing rides like a motorcycle. A max speed of 27 MPH….

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Testing the Stromer ST2 at the NYC Green Expo

Over at NYCeWheels, we had a question: what happens when you take the Stromer ST2s to the Green Expo and offer test rides to people who have never seen an electric bike before? The past week, we partnered with Stromer to exhibit the new Stromer ST2, the most impressive electric bike on the market. We wanted…

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