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2011 Brompton Folding Bike Colors

New 2011 Brompton folding bike colors. Sage, Hot Pink, and Claret!

New 2011 Brompton folding bike colors. Sage, Hot Pink, and Claret!

I came into the shop today and there sitting behind the counter were three shiny new Brompton folding bikes. “Lucky me” I thought, “A belated Christmas bonus!” But no, I’d gotten all the bonus I was to receive and these were set aside for a special purpose. That purpose? Just to look good.

I quickly found out these were the Bromptons we just got in with the latest 2011 colors and there they sat before me. Check em out! Pretty sweet huh? They look even better in person, especially the Claret.

Getting the new colors in just reminds me of how cool Brompton is. They are always looking for ways to let their riders express their individuality. No other bike has so many different options and customizations. I guess that’s why our custom Brompton configurator is so popular. Where else can you build a bike option by option and see the cost and weight reflected in real time?

Yep, I’m sure we’ll find the new Brompton folding bike colors for 2011 to be a big hit. They’re fairly symbolic as well. The Sage represents the new energy and direction of a long standing name of the folding bike world. The Claret offers a subtle refinement and regal air to the king of folding bicycles. The Pink is probably the most eye catching, it’s fun, light, and flirty, Brompton’s nod to the funkier at heart.

Let me know what you think of the new 2011 Brompton colors.

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Connor Sargent • January 10, 2011

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  • Chris

    damn – I like Claret!

  • What the 2011 price difference going to be on these sweet, new rides?

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  • hugh_113

    Sage rocks. This color would be great for camping trips, fishing and folk dancing.
    Need to start saving up for another bike.

  • My favorite is definitely Sage. Dfbills, the new prices are already posted on the configurator as well as on the stock bikes. Slight increase but nothing too crazy.

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