Best NYCeWheels Videos 2012 -2013

by Jack on January 23, 2014

NYCeWheels Electric bike videoOver the last few years, NYCeWheels bike shop has produced some of the highest quality and most watched folding bike and electric bike videos ever created. Now as we enter a new year, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at a few of the best.

The Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike Video

Peter deserves some of the credit for his acting skills, but the best videos are the ones that feature the coolest bikes. This video, filmed late 2012, features one of my favorites the Montague Paratrooper. Where most folding bikes are designed to be urban commuters, the Montague Paratrooper is, unique, a hardy folding mountain bike with full sizde 26 inch tires, capable of doing some serious off-roading. This video shows off what the Montague Paratrooper can do, jumping rocks and racing over turf at beautiful Randall’s island. It also features my good friend Roberto, who has since moved to Panama and out of the sphere of NYCeWheels.

The Dahon Formula Folding Bike Video

The Dahon Formula video is another of my favorites, filmed just below the Brooklyn bridge in Dumbo, with soaring aerial views, great closeups, and fun action shots of Peter riding through busy Manhattan Streets.

The Dahon Formula features some of the best components you’ll find on a folding bike and it’s nice to see them in action. It’s also one of the least expensive high performance folding bikes on the market especially after the price drop earlier this year. As Peter heads off towards the bridge at the end of the video, you really get a sense of what it would be like to commute to work in Manhattan from Dumbo on a folding bike.

The Stromer ST1 Video Review

The Stromer ST1 video, filmed just a few months ago, was one of the most extensive NYCeWheels videos ever shot – the result of over 7 hours of film featuring three electric bikes, drone footage, and 2 guest riders.

The electric bikes featured are the best in the shop, the Stromer St1 elite in top tube and step through frames, and Stromer St1 Platinum in its stunning red finish. This review was a blast to film, is packed with great information, and features some killer footage of these exceptional electric bikes.

These are my three favorites of the last few years, but this is only a small sample of all the great videos NYCeWheels has filmed. Take a look at the archives and decide which NYCeWheels folding bike and electric bike videos are your favorites!

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  • Newton Gooner Dixon Jr.

    There are so many good videos from nycewheels. I would have to say my personal favorite and most watched video is Peter demonstrating the Brompton in snow conditions. I was sold as customer after viewing that one.

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