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This Saturday, Mini-Brommie Yummie Ride

Hey all you New York City Brompton folding bike riders! Sorry to have neglected you by not posting on my folding bike of choice lately… but I have some good news. We can come together as a community to enjoy the fun of a mini Brommie Yummie ride this weekend!

Here are the details from Steve Huang, Brommie Yummie organizer:

Mini Brommie Yummie to BFF Street Party &┬áBrompton’s Fastest Fold Competition
Sat. 6/25 @11:30am / Start @ FIT W.27th ST & 8th AV

Click on the flyer for more info!

Brommie Yummie at Bicycle Film Festival

Click here to sign up!

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Connor Sargent • June 23, 2011

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