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Cheap BionX Kit Provides Top Quality at Low Cost

There’s no question in my mind that a BionX kit is the best way to electrify a bicycle. Usually when people talk about this Canadian built electric bike kit they discuss the pros: smooth assistance, a lightweight motor and battery, and the amazing way in which it augments your leg power rather than replacing it. The only con I usually hear is how much it lightens your wallet.

Searching for an inexpensive electric bike kit

BionX Pl250 special price

BionX Pl250 special price

Now this is not always the case, but cost can often be a determining factor in the choice of an electric bike kit. After all, most people don’t want to spend any more than they have to. With that in mind NYCeWheels is now offering a more affordable BionX kit.

This inexpensive BionX kit has a 250 watt motor and a standard 10ah battery. This gives it a range of about 20 miles or more with pedaling. It is the perfect kit for people looking for a cheap electric bike kit that delivers enough assistance to help them get up hills or get back in shape.

BionX kit deal details

Cheap BionX kit is probably not the best way to describe this low cost BionX bike kit. It is actually just a regular BionX kit with the “older” style console. This console is identical in function to the latest BionX console but with a different aesthetic appearance.

The two differences between the console that comes with this discount BionX kit and the latest BionX console are size of screen and location of throttle. The screen of the inexpensive BionX PL250 is a bit smaller and all the buttons are located on one side. The throttle of the cheaper BionX kit is integrated with the console making it a bit more compact than the latest design.

Get a BionX PL250 cheap while supplies last

If you’ve been looking for a less expensive BionX electric bike kit this may be the deal for you. Our inexpensive BionX PL250 is a limited time offer while supplies of the G1 console last. Your long search for the perfect electric bike kit ends here!

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Connor Sargent • August 15, 2011

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