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Dahon Formula S18

The Dahon Formula S18 is a folding bike built for high speed and performance. Its a great bike for the cyclist who doesn’t have any room for a full size road bike in the apartment, but still wants to get the same feel in a compact bike that is easy to store. It also makes for a great commuting bike with its 18 speeds to handle any slopes the road has for you. This bike has all the components to ride just like a road bike in all aspects, even the speed.

When you first step foot on the S18, you feel right away how this bike is set apart from the rest. This is because of its high end components on all parts of the bike, which includes disc brakes and Kojak Tires for fast rides and the ability to stop on command. The strong components also make for low maintenance up keep, making sure you’re spending much more time riding than in the shop. The Formula S18 also comes in at a light weight of 24.5 lbs to make sure you’re getting the most out of your ride.

Stepping onto the Dahon Formula S18 may not feel like getting on a road bike at first, but when you start pedaling you’ll notice right away the quick accelleration of the bike and how smooth the ride is. The high end components really make this bike feel like it shouold be out on a road race, or waiting for you in the transition area of a triathlon as you get out of the water and onto a fast riding folding bike. If you’re an experienced road rider this bike will make you feel right at home. (not just because it can fit in your closet)


The Aluminum frame gives it the durability and lightness to last long and ride fast. The 18 speeds offers a wide gear range to give you exactly how much power you want, and is great to respond to even the steepest of inclines. Bike overall has a great look to it, a white glossy finish on the frame and special Schwalbe Kojak tire with a white outline to give the Formula S18 the standout look to match its stand out performance.


The Formula S18 is the bike to handle the tough commutes that demand speed and endurance. It folds down in about 15 seconds, and is a lightweight bike to carry while folded. This bike really does it all, its compact, fast, durable and looks great too. You can pick up a Dahon Formula S18 at or come test ride one and feel the difference for yourself at our store location at 1603 York Ave. In Manhattan.

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Connor Sargent • October 20, 2015

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