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Dahon Vector Folding Bikes – Cream of the Crop

With twenty-five years of folding bike manufacturing under its belt, it’s no surprise that Dahon folding bikes cater to a wide variety of riders. There are commuter bikes, racing bikes, cruiser bikes, and mountain bikes. All of their bikes have different methods of breaking down, but they can all be folded and stored in a compact place.

Keith Henderson wins the 2010 Smithfield Nocturne

Keith Henderson wins the Smithfield Nocturne folding bike race on his Dahon Mu EX folding bike

People frequently ask us about the lightest folding bike, and we often point them to a bike in the Dahon line. It’s no wonder, with all of their different models, that they have a few racing bikes that clock in around 20 lbs – almost five pounds lighter than the next closest brand. These are the bikes that consistently win the Smithfield Nocturne folding bike race in London, and are generally considered the lightest and fastest folding bikes in existence.

For 2011, Dahon decided to take three of their most popular racing bikes and completely redesign them. They’re releasing them as the Dahon Vector folding bikes, contoured with hydroformed aluminum and a taller folding hinge. These bikes are stronger and stiffer than their predecessors, and still retain the ultra-low weight and speed. Let’s preview some of the new features.

Dahon Vector X10

Dahon Vector X10 Folding Bike

Vector X10 Folding Bike

The popular Dahon Mu SL folding bike has long been one of our lightest and most popular folding bikes for racing or training. The new design incorporates a bigger range of gears, changing from a 9-speed to a 10-speed cassette. The Schwalbe Durano tires and lightweight Kinetix rims make the Dahon Vector X10 one of the quickest folding bikes you can buy. It’s also got a cooler looking paint job than the old design. Slick.

Dahon Vector X27h Folding Bike

Dahon Vector X27h Folding Bike

Vector X27h Folding Bike

The short-lived Speed Pro TT folding bike was one of the most beautiful folding bikes we had ever seen. The bright yellow touring bike that folds utilized a dual drive 9-speed cassette and a 3-speed SRAM hub to give a whopping 27-speed range. This was certainly a folding bike built for distance.

The new Dahon Mu EX is one of the best quality folding bikes in existence. Since it’s impossible to list all of the amazing features in one paragraph, just highlighting the SRAM red 20-speed DoubleTap shifters, the reflective red Niobium rims, and the super-light 20.2-lb frame design is enough to warrant its superiority to almost all other folding bicycles. You want to ride the best folding bike you can buy? Here it is: the Dahon Vector line. Hopefully we’ll have them here in our shop somewhere around Spring 2011, most likely tied to the ceiling so you can gawk at their majesty.

Update, first test ride on the Dahon Vector X27 |  and the new Vector X27 product page.

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Connor Sargent • October 30, 2010

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  • Sulaiman Baseri

    I’m from Singapore, wanted to by Dahon fastest speed foldable bike what will u recomend road bike if multi function better.