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Dahon Vector X27h Folding Bike Video Review

Peter riding the Dahon Vector X27h folding bike

Peter riding the Dahon Vector X27h folding bike

This folding bike is one of the fastest out there and with 27 speeds, I enjoyed being able to pick exactly the right  gear for the situation. With Dahon Vector X27h you can keep the pedals spinning at a good cadence for maximum efficiency. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see this bike out on weekend club rides or racing loops around Central Park. Not only is it super light at only 21.4 lbs, it’s also quick to fold and extremely portable. Performance oriented consumers will find little fault with this folding bicycle.

With the Vector X27 you can say good bye to bike racks for good!

No more hauling the bike rack out of the basement, dusting it off, and maneuvering your road bike up into the straps. With this high performance Dahon folding bike you can bring your ride with you wherever you go without the hassle of installing a rack on your car every trip. I wont get too much into it here, a full review is on its way. For now, check out our latest folding bike review video on the Vector X27 folding bike.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions about the Vector X27.

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Connor Sargent • March 30, 2011

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