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eZee Cadence: A Comfortable E-Bike

If you’ve stopped by NYCeWheels anytime this summer, there’s a good chance you passed by the eZee Cadence electric bike that has been sitting outside our shop. With its swooping handlebars and giant plush seat, the Cadence isn’t much of a city bike. In fact, it’s probably designed specifically for a beach cruise on the boardwalk. In any case, people have been overlooking this comfortable electric bike, so I want to point out a few things that I like most about the eZee Cadence.

Balloon Tires

eZee Cadence balloon tire

Check out the width on that rubber.

It rides just like it sounds. The 2.5″ wide Kevlar tires float over bumps and potholes with no trouble. It gives the eZee Cadence a nice bounce that is comfortable on the knees and the back. Both wheels are also sheathed with wide fenders, guarding your clothes against water spray.

Triple Crown Front Suspension

Triple Front Suspension

Beautiful tiered suspension fork

Three, count em, three tiers of front fork suspension. Typically only used for rough mountain bike riding, the triple crown front fork suspension can handle some of the toughest bumps and biggest potholes without even affecting the ride. Of course, the eZee Cadence has a stellar system of rear suspension built-in as well. The wide, plush seat has spring suspension, and sits on top of a suspension seat post. If this bike had any more suspension, it would be levitating.

Wide, Upright Handlebars

The wide arc of the Cadence handlebars

On the Cadence, you sit completely upright

Worried about your back while you ride a bike? On the eZee Cadence, the handlebars come to you. 180 degrees from end to end in a wide arc assures your complete upright positioning. On one side, you access the twist grip throttle and the 7-speed hub gears. On the other, a safety bell. An odometer and battery gauge sit front and center, so you can read everything easily. It’s the most ergonomically friendly setup out there.

So the eZee Cadence electric bike seems to be the Cadillac of electric bikes. In addition to the options listed above, it also has a rear rack, front and rear headlights, and a powerful 350 watt motor.

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Connor Sargent • August 25, 2010

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