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Folding Bike Riders Flock to Hudson River Greenway

A Brompton folding bike in the cityWell, it’s official. The 81st to 91st street link of the Hudson River Greenway is open and Manhattanites are flocking for miles to see this veritable bike super highway. Finally, we can ride down the west side of Manhattan on a separated bike lane all the way from the Cloisters and the George Washington Bridge to Battery Park! Cramped Manhattan residents, rejoicing in the glory of their newly completed bike boulevard are taking to the path with enthusiasm and excitement. We’ve already had several people come into the shop looking for the perfect folding bike to ride down this beautiful park.

Folding bikes are perfect for people in a crowded city like Manhattan. We sell a lot of folding bikes to commuters and recreational riders who don’t have the space for a full sized bike. I saw a lot of folding bikes last time I was cruising down the Hudson River Greenway and it was cool to see a fair number of Brompton riders among the crowd too. I can usually spot them from a mile away, their bright colors and unique frame design setting them apart from other folding bikes. The Brompton is our most popular folding bike because it is the most compact. These hand built England bikes are tough as nail, the perfect bike for city riding.

I have to say, living in New York makes you start to think about size in a different way. We are a people obsessed with the compact and portable. If something works great but can’t fit in a closet or corner it may as well be useless, when you live in an apartment anyway. I can only imaging that’s why I see so many folding bikes on the path lately. Come by our shop to see for yourself why people love folding bikes.

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Connor Sargent • May 27, 2010

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