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A beginners guide to NYCeWheels folding bikes

Here at NYCeWheels we have a wide variety of folding bikes to choose from. I can imagine walking into our shop for the first time and being a bit overwhelmed by the sheer range—bright yellow Bromptons, folded up into tiny compact packets that line the back wall, Tern Verge X10, Tern Link D8, Dahon Speed P8 hanging to your left, look towards the window and you’ll see the tiny Dahon Jifo tucked between the BionX Conversion kit and the IF Mode.

My first time in the shop was a bit like my first time seeing transformers: everything folded and I had no idea what was going on…

So for the benefit of all who are just becoming acquainted with the shop, here’s the scoop:

Folding bike brand names:

We sell folding bikes made by a few different manufacturers:

Brompton, is a company out of London that makes just one type of bike, the Brompton folding bike, distinguished by its extremely small folding size, sturdy frame, and comfortable ride.

Dahon has been a leading manufacturer in folding bikes for over 30 years, selling all different types of models all over the world. Last year Josh Hon, son of Dahon founder David Hon, split off from Dahon to start his own folding bike company called Tern. Like Dahon, Tern sells a variety of different models of folding bikes internationally.

In addition to these big three, Brompton, Dahon and Tern, we also sell many different models from Montague, and Pacific Cycles.

Yeah that’s a lot of folding bikes

Given so many manufacturers and so many models. The best way to get to know the folding bikes at NYCeWheels is to separate them into categories:

1) Small and portable folding bikes

Brompton Folding Bikes

Brompton Folding Bikes

Sometimes customers come in who are looking for a bike that folds down really small and/or is very portable. Here the best candidate would be the Brompton folding bike, which is known for its small folding size and light weight. Also in this category would be the Dahon Jifo, our smallest folding bike. The IF Reach and IF mode (both made by pacific cycles) are also among our most portable folding bikes because they are designed to roll while folded.

2) Full sized folding bikes

Montague Boston 8

Montague Boston 8

Montague specializes in making folding bikes with full sized 700c wheels that look and feel more like regular bikes. The Montague line includes the Montague Boston 8, a folding road bike, the Montague Fit, a folding road bike built to go fast, and the Montague Paratrooper Pro a folding mountain bike with full suspension and and thick 26″ mountain bike tires.

3) High performance folding bikes

Tern Verge X30h

Tern Verge X30h

Many of our bikes are extremely high performance, featuring some of the best parts money can buy. Populating this category is the Tern Verge Series, featuring the Verge X10, Verge X20, and Verge X30h; the Dahon Vector series featuring the Dahon Vector P8 and Dahon Vector X27h. Of course some bikes overlap several categories. For example the Montague Swiss Bike X90 is both full sized mountain bike and very high performance. Likewise the Dahon Formula S18 is both high performance and a small folder.

4) More affordable folding bikes

Tern Link D8

Tern Link D8

The last category, at least for our purposes, is made up of folding bikes that are a bit less high end and a bit more affordable. Both the Tern Link D8 and Dahon Speed D7 are known as great “bang-for-your-buck” bikes. They still have nice parts, fold down to a nice portable package, but are in a bit lower price range. Slightly more expensive “every day commuter” bikes would be the Dahon Speed P8, and Tern link P9.

Of course we have many other models that I didn’t have time to mention, but, for now, I hope this is a good first step in figuring out which of our folding bikes would be the right match for you.



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Connor Sargent • September 25, 2012

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  • Joan

    I recently got the Dahon Mariner from NYCE Wheels as a weather-resistant commuting/shopping/visiting bike, since my hometown’s public transportation is seriously lacking and I needed something that could a) be taken upstairs to my apartment due to theft problems, and b) also be thrown into the back of friends’ cars if weather turned iffy and they offered me a ride home. I’d have liked a more elegant bike with internal gearing, but budget was an issue and the Mariner has a certain rugged charm of its own. With the addition of a Basil rear basket and a Selle Royal Ondina suspended seat, it can carry groceries across rough pavement and even cobblestones without any trouble, and I’ve gotten more than one interested inquiry about it, some from people who had been considering a folder already, others who were not aware of their existence before. As far as I know, mine is the only folding bike on the road in this area, but who knows, that could change!

    • Thanks for the post Joan, I’m a big fan of the Dahon Mariner. I’m originally from Washington state, and the Mariner’s weather resistant coating would be ideal for those rainy Seattle days. Please keep in touch, let us hear about your rides, and send us some pics! For anyone who wants more info about the Dahon Mariner, you can follow the link: Best – Jack

  • Joan

    Will do, Jack! I just have to remember to take some pictures OF the bike, not just FROM the bike as I’m rolling around town! And I hope someday to be able to visit NYC and tour the city on it, you make it look like so much more fun than riding the subway!

    • Look forward to your visit. Keep in touch Joan – jack