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The best BionX bike kit news for 2011

Hang on, you’re sitting down right? Because I have some pretty exciting news. Those of you who really have it bad already know, you’ve already seen our updated BionX electric bike kit page. If you’re not one of the ones who’s been checking every morning as they sip their first sip of of freshly brewed coffee, well, you should relish the joy of the announcement regardless.

We’re finally taking orders for BionX 48V Special Edition electric bike kits!

Whew, that was a drawn out introduction. But man, if you had received as many excited phone calls – “Do you guys carry that special edition BionX kit?” – and had to spread so much heart ache – “No I’m sorry, we’re still waiting for them to come in…” – you would know just what a situation we’ve just made it through. We’re out of the tunnel and into open pastures!

The past few months were like being trapped in a cafeteria where they served mash potatoes and tomato juice everyday under a big sign that said “Pizza Day Tomorrow!”

Well folks, it’s finally pizza day… It’s BionX special edition pizza day.

Peter takes a Special Edition BionX kit out of the box

Peter takes a Special Edition BionX kit out of the box

I have yet to install a BionX special edition kit on a bike – that’s probably a blog coming up next week – but I have been relishing the experience. Not that there is anything different about installing the 48v BionX kit, it’s just that I’ve looked at their stupid 3D animated image of the newly designed motor so many times I feel like a character in a video game (any one else feel that way?)

So with the Mario Brothers theme song running through my head and the excitement of working with one of the finest electric bike motor kits on the market, I’ll be headed into work today to answer all the questions and help all our patient cafeteria friends ditch the mash potatoes and tomato juice and finally order pizza for once! Lucky me.

Inside tip: Order your 48v BionX Special Edition kit today and you might get one from our first shipment!

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Connor Sargent • May 28, 2011

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  • Hank S

    I don’t suppose you guys offer an upgrade path from a 2010 Dahon Matrix Bionx 350 conversion? Got it from you last July.

    • Good question Hank. The kit’s are not compatible because one is 36V and one is 48V. Your best bet would be to sell your system used and upgrade to the new one that way. -Peter

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  • Donna

    I am one of the lucky few who waited for and received the new Special Edition PL 350HT SL XL. My very thoughtful dealer installed the older PL 350HT L for me to use while I waited for the special edition. In two months of rainy weather I put over 700 km on that Bionx. The Special Edition was only installed yesterday so I’ve only put 30 km on it.

    Some major differences I have noted so far: 1/ silent charging (no hum from the charger); 2/ Much lighter motor/wheel (1.2 kg lighter which makes a big difference when lifting the bike); 3/ noticeably more ‘zip’ especially with the throttle engaged 4/ noticeably less battery consumption (YEA!!!).

    In summary I was very happy with the previous 350 model but I am even happier with the Special Edition! Personally I not a fan of the white console (I like black better) but that is, of course, personal taste and not of much importance. So far I highly recommend this product (and have no personal interest in it’s sale)…

    • Great to hear of your first hand account of this electric bike kit. The Special Edition BionX is a very cool setup and I haven’t personally ridden one yet… So lucky you! 🙂

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