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The most powerful electric bike?

What is the most powerful electric bike? Well, the Killacycle is a good start.

Killacycle - the most powerful electric bike

Killacycle - the most powerful electric bike

Oh, you meant what is the most powerful electric bike that can be used on streets? According to the law, 750 watt and 20 mph is the cap. Or did you mean what is the most powerful electric bike that rides like a bicycle, not a tank? Now that is a great question we are willing to dig a bit deeper on.

We are specializing in electric hybrid bicycles, requiring the rider to do some of the work, not just pretend or snap the wrist and go. The average bike rider can put out about 100 watts, the average hybrid electric bike adds about 250 to 350 watts to that effort. Now you could use a stronger electric motor to get more power but you would need a bigger battery pack to feed that electric motor and than would result in a heavier frame carrying all the weight. Now of course, having to pedal more weight would make your 100 watt input less effective and the hybrid less powerful.

Just adding a larger electric motor is not the answer when it comes to creating the most powerful hybrid bike. The best solution is to get a perfect mix of rider input and added electric assist. Just adding a big, powerful electric motor to a bicycle is not the answer to get you the most powerful electric bike. (unless you are looking for an electric motorcycle or electric moped but we are talking about bicycles with pedals on them).

The Most powerful electric bike in my opinion is the electric bike that adds the most power to my own effort without taking away the bike riding experience and the fun and health benefits of pedaling and getting some exercise. Our BionX electric bike kit like the PL350 and PL500 systems and the IF Reach DC are top contenders for the most powerful electric bike. (In the human-hybrid category).

We have sold and used some systems that easily held top ranks in the category of the most powerful electric bicycles but have learned its not all that good. For example, the BionX PL500 watt system is the most powerful electric bike kit manufactured by BionX. Its a blast to ride and take around loops in NYC’s Central Park but the battery range is barely enough to complete the loop,evenĀ  with full pedaling. The bike I use is a very long wheel-base, heavy recumbent (Burley Limbo) to keep it as save as possible. Bicycles are not made for those high speeds that powerful electric motors can propel them to. Neither the frame, the brakes, rims or tires are made to be safely ridden at high speeds.

Our take is, 350 watt and 20 to 25 miles per hour is the limit, this might not be the most powerful electric bike one can find but is a product that makes much more sense. 20 mph speeds will easily be achieved by a 350 or even a 250 watt true hybrid bike with proportional torque sensor.

Check out our section of electric hybrid bikes.

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Connor Sargent • April 12, 2010

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