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Why Buy an electric Hub Motor?

The BionX Hub Motor is the most popular

We’ve been selling electric bikes and electric bike motor kits for years, and practically every bike is made with a hub motor built into the wheel these days. What distinguishes an electric bike with a hub motor from any other type of motor like the Panasonic bottom bracket motor or the Currie chain-drive system? There are chain-driven motors, bottom bracket motors, front wheel drive motors, and rear wheel drive motors. Each one has a specific function, and it can be confusing, without a prior knowledge of electric bikes, to tell them apart.
Without getting too technical, we’ve laid out the basic advantages of a hub motor over other types of motors. Most of our bikes and kits, including the BionX Electric Motor Kit, utilize a hub motor. Whether it’s mounted in the front of the back, the hub motor is generally a maintenance free, reliable, and lightweight motor for an electric bike.
We carry a big selection of electric bikes with hub motors, so check them out and see what you think!

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Connor Sargent • July 20, 2010

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